Southasia Blacklist

My long-time readers will know that I was working in Kathmandu with Himal Southasian for about a year. I’m no longer based in Kathmandu, but I am still working with Himal, off-site.

Himal has just launched its long-planned ‘Blacklist’:

‘Southasian governments regularly misuse their discretionary visa allotment powers to keep out those they consider ‘undesirable’ – such as critical journalists, scholars, and activists. This practice is more widespread than is recognised, even in countries with a liberal image, as individual cases fall through the cracks and disappear. With our ‘Blacklist’, we endeavour to collate, track, expose and challenge this process. We see this as a collaborative effort; contact us whenever and wherever you come across any such instances. You can send the information anonymously, but it must be corroborated in some way.’

The Blacklist can be found here.