Kolor Kathmandu murals

The Non-Hiker's Guide to Nepal

The Kolor Kathmandu project can best be summed up in its own words:

“Kathmandu has been bombarded by the visual manifestations of political rivalries and the ubiquity of consumer culture. Big billboards preaching doctrines of consumerism engulf entire buildings, and loud political slogans leap out from the city’s walls espousing hollow rhetorics. The footprints of urbanization spread throughout the city, distancing Kathmandu from the realities of the rest of Nepal. We thus felt the need for an out-of-the-box intervention that opens both the eyes and minds of the public to how our streets and neighborhoods can be reclaimed.”

Kolor Kathmandu has reclaimed the aesthetic of the streetscape by commissioning Nepali and international artists to emblazon bare walls and sides of buildings with colourful murals. Even by South Asian standards Kathmandu is a shabby-looking city on the whole (the rubble generating road widening doesn’t help), but I started noticing murals growing…

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